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About Reverend Don Narin

Reverend Don has a unique gift to create and present a memorable and touching wedding ceremony, reflecting the couple's feelings for each other, and celebrating their desired traditions. When you attend a wedding ceremony that he conducts, you will quickly see and feel how the gathering is turned into an event that is spiritual, even without being specifically religious. Just one of the reasons that Reverend Don has become one of the most requested Wedding Officiant's in the San Francisco Bay Area.

His joy is truly celebrating all that the couples share, in front of those who matter most to them - and watching everyone enjoy what they've created together! As a warm and caring person, with a passion for what he does, Reverend Don looks forward to the opportunity to be an integral part of your most important day.

Thinking about the right wedding officiant for your ceremony? Perhaps a wedding minister, wedding clergy or justice of the peace? Once you speak with Don Narin you will find that he is the right wedding celebrant for you. You will be comfortable with your choice and he will ensure your San Francisco Marriage ceremony is truly a special event.

From Reverend Don

My name is Rev. Don Narin. I am a San Francisco wedding officiant serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area. I have been creating and performing wedding ceremonies for more than fifteen years and I have performed all types of wedding ceremonies.

Weddings are such unique and wonderful events. It is an intimate setting where two people share and express their love and commitment to each other in front of their family and friends. It is a commitment that will be lived out for the rest of their lives. It is my privilege and joy to help create and officiate at this sacred ceremony.

My personal goal is that as the Bride and Groom walk back down the isle at the end of the ceremony, they say to each other, this is the way we wanted it to be. It was perfect.

Marriage is also a very personal and gratifying event that I cherish every day as my beautiful bride Faye and I will be celebrating our 35th year wedding anniversary.

Please email or call me if you have any questions or would like to speak to me about your plans for a San Francisco wedding.


Rev. Don

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